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What we did for Friends of the John Rylands

A website to support the work of the Friends of the John Rylands charity.

The Friends of the John Rylands charity helps support the world famous John Rylands Library in Manchester. The work they do is vital in preserving some of the oldest and most important books in the world and the unique building which houses them. It was with great pleasure that shoes for industry offered to undertake this work for no cost to the charity.

We were delighted to be able to support a charity that preserves both knowledge and history and which promotes cultural understanding through regular events.

What you can't normally see is that this website enables staff to easily enter events and news when required via the simple back-end CMS. Users can then subscribe to these either via RSS feeds or via an iCal feed. It is also an accessible website and the user can choose between multiple colour schemes and layouts.

A 'version two' of this website is currently under consideration. We hope to be able to utilise a little more modern design, (we did not have too much say over this current one,) with more photos of the actual library and books. We also hope we will be able to incorporate some relationship management and user interaction features in the next release.

Visit the Friends of the John Rylands Website...

What we did

Consultancy, Information Architecture, Accessibility, Graphics, SEO, Code, Maintenance & Support.
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