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What we did for A.J. Hall

A clean and simple responsive 'mobile first' website for ebooks

The brief was an easy to use, slightly retro (1970's) website to up/download ebooks categorised by FanFic. The design had to be clean to cope with the variety of book covers and the  same site had to play nicely with mobile devices, iPhones, Android SmartPhones, tablets, iPads and desktop browsers. The result is a mobile first, responsive fluid design that has been very well received.

The site also incorporates OPDS ebook catalog and RSS feeds and easy upload and categorisation of new ebooks.

What we did

Consultancy, Information Architecture, Accessibility, Branding, Design, Code, Graphics, SEO, Maintenance & Support. Ebook creation, conversion and book covers.
This site uses a content management system based upon CMS MS.
Technologies Used: XHTML/HMTL, CSS, Less, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, Smarty and PHP

Editors Pick as winner of the best new CMSMS website: “This site is a fine example of how mobile-friendly, responsive design can be implemented in CMS Made Simple…”.

Our thanks to them especially as this was a not-for-profit labour of love. Such recognition makes it all worth while.

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