What we do

We want you to be happy and successful. We will support your ideas and help them grow. We believe in partnership, honesty and dedication.

We support our partners with:

*As ever, terms and conditions apply.

Consultancy & Ideas

We believe you should have impartial and practical consultancy, from people who are proactive, responsible and accountable.

We'll listen to you, we'll research, we'll analyse and we'll think. Only then will we advise.

Consultancy comes in many forms but we always try to provide appropriate well informed advice. We certainly won't recommend a high-tech solution when a pencil and paper is the best idea. We don't work with everyone, but, if you feel the same way we do, then please contact us to find out how we can make your ideas shine.

  • We have a surprisingly wide range of experience.
  • Proven track record.
  • We only do straight talking, no weasel-speak.
  • If we can't help you, we will tell you upfront & then help you find someone who can.
  • Free initial discussion.

We think you need to feel comfortable in our partnership and we want to earn your trust through our honesty and integrity.

Software & Websites

We want everyone to have great software & beautiful, accessible, usable websites.

So we create software for desktops, the web, or mobile devices. Either in traditional desktop programming languages like C+ or Objective C,  or the more web orientated Apache, PHP, Smarty, MySQL, XHTML, (HTML5) and Javascript, Ajax, jQuery etc.

We love Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and CMSMS and relationship management tools like CiviCRM.

  • We understand the value of strategy, planning, SEO and marketing.
  • We believe that project management should be agile and result orientated.
  • We think websites should enhance your business.
  • We only produce web standard based, accessible, beautiful and usable 'future proofed' websites.
  • We create a single site that is multi platform (Desktop, iPhone, iPad or mobile phones)
  • We will maintain & develop your site for you.
    (Or as all our sites come with a Contents Management System, you can save money and do it yourself.)

We believe in Open Source software and use it where ever possible, which means you benefit from no vender tie-in, robust reliability and lower costs.


Maintenance & Support

We think every website, application and project deserves solid maintenance and bespoke friendly support.

We offer:

  • Reduced Costs: Because we use open source and industry standard tools.
  • Flexible Support: As much or as little support as you need when you need it.
  • Free - CMS Security Updates: First year security updates to the CMS are usually free*.
  • Free - First Year Website Support: First year support for your website is usually free*.
  • Documentation & On-Line Help: Task based documentation, on-line searchable Help and Video lessons can also be provided*.

*As ever, terms and conditions apply.

Documentation & Help

We love really useful documentation & creating help systems which actually help.

So we create paper or electronic documentation, on-line searchable help, ebook format or application based help. We create all these documents and help systems from a single master source, based upon a brilliantly simple and modular step based approach.

How do we create really helpful Help?

  • By documenting the experience.
  • Giving the users what they want, when they want it & in the right format.
  • By answering the most common questions they might ask.
  • Detail the steps they might wish to accomplish.
  • By using stepped graphics or videos in modular bite size chunks.

And the good news is we don't only do this for our own work, we can do it for your projects too.

Ebook Creation & Document Conversion

We think you should be able to read what you want, how you want. Be that books, ebooks, PDF's, iPads, Kindles, iPhones or the web.
We are expert at creating and converting documents and ebooks for these different media.

For example we can convert your existing ebooks or any other suitable documents into the iBook ebook format, so they can be viewed in style on brilliant new devices like the iPhone & iPad.

We also create & convert ebooks for:

  • iBooks (iPad & iPhone)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Sony Portable Reader
  • Any other ebook reader which supports either ePub, XHTML, HTML, PDF, LIT, PDB or Mobipocket formats.

We can even provide your help or documentation in these formats and also create great websites for you to publish to or showcase on.

Free Website Health Checks

We feel everyone should have industry standard, accessible (often a legal requirement) and functional websites, which is why we offer free basic website health checks*

We offer you a free website health check up for your existing site homepage, providing a brief summary of:

  • Validation of code to standards
  • Quick Speed tests
  • Quick Accessibility tests
  • Impartial and practical advice.

We also provide more detailed reports, but alas not for free.

*As ever, terms and conditions apply.

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