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We love to work with people who believe passionately about their work. People who have great ideas, invent magical products and create brilliant solutions.

In return we offer a partnership of common sense, commitment and integrity. We are creators ourselves, we love to invent, make and build but we can also provide impartial, practical and honest advice.

We don't work with everyone, but, if you think the way we do, then we are shoes for industry, a small consultancy who do a surprising number of things surprisingly well.

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About Manchester

We live, work and love central Manchester (UK), world famous city, home of the industrial revolution and new home to media & technological innovation.

Across the river at the University is a major internet hub and close by is the new BBC Centre in Media City. We are right at the heart of the creative action in Manchester which is in the top three most competitive cities in the UK but first in the UK city happiness index.

Although our core team is small, we have a wide range of expertise to draw on when needed.

This includes project managers, designers, consultants, developers, technical writers, intellectual property and ICT lawyers & business people.

We have a wealth of experience ranging from public sector institutions, major financial institutions and non-profits to niche businesses in the creative field.

All our extended team consists of people we know and whom we trust to deliver.

Currently we are exploring changing our status to that of an LLP.

Come and visit, the coffee is always fresh and the biscuits are delicious!

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What people say about us:

Andre Ainsworth

Russ has designed my sites for the past few years and I would have it no other way. As with any brief, they can be read many different ways but Russ is extremely good at delivering the goods. My clients are forever complimenting the design of the sites and always comment on how easy they are to use. For my part, Russ has made it extremely easy for me to edit the site and the support that I get from shoes for industry is exceptional (and his biscuits aren't half bad either). I would always recommend shoes for industry as I know that they will always deliver.

Aidan Roe - ITEM Associates

Russell Baldwin has worked with me on a number of projects in the course of the last ten years and I am very happy to act as a referee for him.  I have used him as a consultant - most recently on a couple of Web 2.0 projects - because he clearly knows what he is doing. Put simply, he is a source of advice which is dependable and can be relied upon.

Barry Quest - iPC2

I confirm that I have known and worked with Russ for some years, and I have been impressed by his abilities and attitude to IT work.  I would say that he is a gifted professional, self motivated and a well qualified IT  Consultant with a good communicative skill set and obvious competence in design, development, planning, implementation and support of web systems.

He has a sound technical foundation and solid practical experience. I was particularly impressed by his willingness to give his time to non-financially rewarding projects, which he worked on for me, on the basis of giving something back to the community.

Peter Goodwin - Manager - LloydsTSB

Russell Baldwin worked for me as a consultant for around 3 years. In this time he provided full time consultancy for a variety of projects but mostly in the messaging arena.

Russell played the major role in defining, designing and implementing a sophisticated e-mail system with multiple entry and exit points, in a secure manner and to a standard to which enabled a contractual service level to be put in place.

He is a highly committed individual, willing to put in whatever effort is necessary to deliver on commitments and whilst being technically very able his greatest value is that of being able to take strategic views, relating highly technical delivery opportunities to real business situations and management issues.

David Orchard MBE - MD Journeys

I have now worked with Russell Baldwin for the past 4 years:- I found Russ to be a professional, self motivated, well qualified IT strategist. He is gifted with excellent inter-personal communicative skills.He has a proven track record of strategic design, planning and installation of complex NT, Mail and Intranet systems that is backed by technical knowledge and vast practical experience.

Russ is an excellent team player, he has the necessary skills to motivate others, and can quickly assimilate network infrastructure design and identify weaknesses. He also has the ability and dedication to see a job through to the end.

Ken Codling RSM - Computacenter

I have known Russ since he joined the MS-Mail project team over four years ago. Initially, Russ was brought in to help get the project back on to the original time scales and to advise on possible areas of improvement. Russ quickly highlighted areas that needed immediate attention. Once the project was back on course, Russ developed a strategy that took the mail system further than originally planned, offering more services and quicker delivery times. This was soon implemented and as further technological advances were made, Russ developed the strategic implications into the system.

Russ has always stood out from other consultants. His broad knowledge base and ability to communicate has made him popular with engineers and senior managers. He always has time to offer advise to the people that work around him and always manages to meet time scales and costs within the confines of the project, showing dedication and commitment throughout.

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