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Whether your idea is huge & awesome, slightly smaller (but still awesome) or you really just need some well informed advice and a friendly chat, welcome to shoes for industry.

We are a small consultancy who do a surprising number of things  surprisingly well.

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What we do

We believe in common sense, value and commitment.

Consultancy & Ideas

We believe in partnership, honesty and integrity. In offering impartial and practical advice and in being proactive, responsible and accountable.
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Software & Websites

We want everyone to have great software and beautiful, accessible, usable websites. So we create software for desktops, the web and mobile devices.
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Maintenance & Support

We think every website, application and project deserves proper documentation combined with solid maintenance and friendly support.
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Documentation & Help

We love really useful documentation & creating help systems which actually help.
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Ebook Conversion

We believe you should be able to read what you want, how you want. Be that books, ebooks, PDF's, iPads, Kindles, iPhones or the web. We are expert at creating and converting documents and ebooks for these different media.
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Free Website Health Checks

We feel everyone should have industry standard, accessible and functional websites, which is why we offer free basic website health checks and more if required.
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We nurture invention, passion and belief and the
people we work with love what we do.


News & Events

June 7, 2012

Thanks to the CMSMS team for awarding us the "best new CMS Made Simple site" for A.J. Hall's new ebook website. They go on to say:

“This site is a fine example of how mobile-friendly, responsive design can be implemented in CMS Made Simple…”

Our thanks to them especially as this was a not-for-profit labour of love. Such recognition makes it all worth while.

June 1, 2012

We are pleased to say the new 'responsive, mobile first' design for the A.J. Hall ebooks website has been very well received.

January 20, 2012

We love CMS Made Simple and are pleased to able to use & support CMS Made Simple which won the Open Source CMS PACKT Publishing Awards for 2010..

Love CMS Made Simple

Find out how we can make
your ideas shine

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